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Proliant Series 4000


Proliant Series 4000

HI,NOW i use very old server Proliant 4000, dual CPU at 200 Mhz and 256 MB, Is possible to add more RAM and change HDD to biger than 4.3 GB
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Re: Proliant Series 4000

The maximum RAM that you can install in the 4000 series is 512MB. Depending on what the existing configuration is (number and size of RAM) you may have to buy all new RAM as a worst case.

Simms must be added in sets of 4 of the same size and speed up to 256MB on the system board and up to 256MB on the expansion board for up to 512 megabytes total system memory.

Here is the link to the latest bios: ( ) which is dated May 12, 1999.

Depending upon which controller you have installed in the server will depend on the type/size of drive you can install. Most likely you can pick up a few 9GB or 18GB non-plugable drives cheap and get yourself up and running.

Take a look at this for a link to all the drivers on Windows NT4:

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