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SmartArray: How to configure a DAT tape?

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

SmartArray: How to configure a DAT tape?

We are trying to install a 12/24 GB DAT drive into a ProLiant DL380 which uses a Compaq Integrated SmartArray Controller. When the system starts, the BIOS initializes the SmartArray and shows both the Logical Drive and the Tape drive. It correctly identifies the tape drive as "SCSI Port 1 ID #6 Compaq 12/24 GB DAT". We installed the array normally using the clad driver. Everything installed smoothly, except the tape drive. The tape is connected to SCSI port 1 and the array is connected to SCSI port 2. clad is shown as the default adapter and the logical drive (which consists of 3 HDDs) is shown by hwconfig -h as:

disk type=S hd=0 id=0 lun=0 bus=0 ht=clad

Which are the correct parameters to use when adding the tape with mkdev tape?