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The impossible P Pro Upgrade

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

The impossible P Pro Upgrade

It would seem that I am amongst the vast majority of others trying the same attempt at a bit more horsepower and are having real difficulties. Is there anyone reading who has successfully performed this upgrade? Having read through other postings I am in much a similar position.

I have 1 Pentium Pro board with 2 512K 200mhz CPU's installed with the associated VRM's and 98Mb of RAM.

I also have the three chips for the motherboard. (Although I have no idea which holes the 2 32pin chips go in, a case of trial and error).

I insert the chips on the board, plug in the PPro card and attempt a boot and get absolutely no response from the machine. No PROLIANT logo or any other vague signs of life. I try swapping the chips and get the same result.

I put my system back together and get an updated ROMPAQ to install. From what I can tell I need to install the E27 bios which is for the PPro board. I try and install this ROMPAQ and find that the machine detects its hardware and will only let me install E12.

I am now stuck!

Can someone please give a hand with this.

I am going to search the internet for a solution now, if by some miracle I find something that helps I will be sure to pass it on and put the rest of you out of your misery.

Thanks in advance.