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change iLO "from" address in mailalert

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change iLO "from" address in mailalert


I'm using several ProLiant DL360 Gen9 servers with iLO 4 v. 2.55

I tried to config the AlertMail feature and ran into a problem with the "from" address, the server is sending the mails with. Our mailserver only accepts mails with from addresses in the format ""

Is there a way to set the from address of the iLO manually instead of the ""?!

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Re: change iLO "from" address in mailalert


Yes, you can change.

Please refer to the following user guide to set-up email alerts:



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Re: change iLO "from" address in mailalert

Hi @Preethi_C,

thank you for the reply.

On page 125 of the iLO User Guide the AlerMail config is specified. But there are only informations I already know...


"Sender Domain—The domain name specified in the sender (From) email address. The
sender email address is formed by using the iLO name as the host name, and the sender
domain as the domain name. This string can be up to 63 characters."

But I have to set the from email address to a specific address, independent from the FQDN of the Server-iLO-Interface.

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Re: change iLO "from" address in mailalert


I have the exact same problem here.
Since the customer has Office365, the email address must exist in order to get working email relay. Even if you have a local SMTP Server (IIS) which relays the mail, ILO is always using the stupid hostname instead of a field where you can put a sender adress. Office365 is blocking the relay if the mail address ILO*** doesn't exist.

I couldn't waste a Exchange Online License just for ILO Altert Mail.

On ILO 5 you can define a from address...


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Re: change iLO "from" address in mailalert

On the O365 portal at the Exchange portal (the old one) you can add a SMTP Relay, say that you're adding a mail-server, and put in your WAN IP. You can now use the MX-record from the O365 domain as mail server. No authentication is needed. You can find that address at MXtoolbox.