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problem with ML570

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problem with ML570


The problem I am having is becoming a real nightmare and I am hoping to get a few hints here.

- ML570 quad PIII XEON 700, latest BIOS with 2k3 support
- 1024 MB RAM (8x128)
- 5304 RAID controller, latest BIOS v3.54

The error message is:

1783 - Array Controller Failure Command Failure
cmd=0h, err=00h, dlu=0F00F:1E7Fh (the most common)
cdm=b24, err=020h, dlu=0F00F:1E7Fh
cdm=11h, err=0204, dlu=0F00F:3Eh

It all started with having NT 4.0 SP6a getting a blue screen, not the one with error code and dump, but the one that would just say

*** Hardware Malfunction
Call your hardware vendor for support
*** The system has halted ***

Sometimes "NMI: Parity Check / Memory Parity Error" would appear as well.

So far I did this:

- moved a controller to a different slot, no change
- switched the controller, no change, errors were still there and also the original 5304 would work just fine in another ML570 box
- switched the memory board, no change, same result as above
- took out two processors, no change
- changed the physical location of the drives in cages, deleted all logical, created a new one, no change
- it would sometimes go just fine, but when try to install either w2k or w2k3, it would get stack on â starting windows setupâ while in a text mode, when try SmartStart 4.90B, I would get the same blue screen just like in NT (I think SmartStart is NT based)

I ordered SmartStart 5.5 in a meantime, not sure if any tool would be available of this CD to help this troubleshooting.

Any suggestion would be really appreciated.

Many t
Tad Nall
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Re: problem with ML570

I would be using the latest smart start 7.x and maybe look at motherboard after that.
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Re: problem with ML570

Unfortunately the 5.5 is the latest for those ML series.