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Firmware upgrade procedure

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Firmware upgrade procedure


I'm trying to optimize our firmware update routines and have stumbled into an issue (and a bug).

We have traditionally updated firmware on our cluster nodes by booting them with the Service Pack ISOs, and let the system find the updates needed. This works fine but is quite cumbersome (and slow) to do on many nodes.

Therefore we would like to use CMU instead.

  1. So I upgraded a single node using the old method, noting the RPMs needed
  2. Copy the RPMs to /opt/cmu/firmware/
  3. Select node(s) and RPM, and initiate firmware upgrade.
  4. Repeat 3 for remaining RPMs

This worked fine until I reached the disk firmware upgrade (hp-firmware-hdd-a08f92a4f9-HPGE-1.1.x86_64.rpm), which failed with (from /var/cpq/Component.log):

Device Drive 9XF3T2P0 (Generic HBA C610/X99 series chipset 6-Port SATA Controller [AHCI mode] in Slot ATTR_VALUE_SLOT_UNKNOWN) will not be updated because it does not support deferred or immediate flashing online

The message from CMU was a bit simpler (and essentially wrong):

============ Summary ============
Smart Component Finished

Summary Messages
Smart Component opted to not flash 1 device
See log at /var/cpq/Component.log for details

Exit Status: 3
Update not attempted. All selected devices are either up-to-date or have newer versions installed.

Return code: 3

Installation complete: man mar 20 13:42:58 CET 2017

From the ISO update I know that the new firmware is newer (see attached image) and working. So my best guess is that it's not possible to update the disk firmware using CMU?

Can this really be the case, because that would lead me to upgrade the disk firmware in the old way (which can update all firmware automatically at the same time, which I really can't imagine (or trying not to) on a huge cluster with 100s or 1000s of nodes?



Brian Højen-Sørensen


Re: Firmware upgrade procedure


What is the CMU version ?

Since other firmware versions applied correctly wiith CMU, i think that there is no issue with the way CMU upgrade the firmware. Regarding the ouput of the disk firmware ouput, CMU will directly display the o/p from the update process of firmware component.

Please try to update the disk firmware on that node manually, by installing the rpm. CMU will unpack the rpm and the firmware executable is copied to the selected nodes and executed in parallel

For more information please refer section "Installing and upgrading firmware" in the HPE Insight CMU user guide.

Also, is it a customer cluster ? If yes please let us know the details and also raise an issue with HPE local support center.