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Terminal Server Farm / Cluster

Gene Kenny
Regular Advisor

Terminal Server Farm / Cluster

When you create a terminal server farm does each server require a unique server name.
If you have a two node cluster will you use unique server names?

Regular Advisor

Re: Terminal Server Farm / Cluster

Hi Gene,

In answer to your question,

Servers need individual names,

If using Network Load balancing, you need to use w2k Advance server, unless your using windows 2003 server, in which case you need to use enterprise ediition which will allow you to use terminal server session directory in a load balanced scenario.

If using NLB then you will need a virtual ip address

Hope this helps


Doug de Werd

Re: Terminal Server Farm / Cluster

Also, regarding a 2 node cluster....

Yes each server has a separate and unique server name. However, when you set up the cluster eources in a group for failover, you specify a virtual servername. This is what the clients conenct to, so they don't actually know which cluster node is serving them.


Server 1 name = SRV1
Server 2 name = SRV2
Virtual cluster group name = VSRV
Virtual cluster share name = VSHARE

For a file share from the client, you would connect to \\VSRV\VSHARE. You would not indicate the actual server names when connecting - you always use the virtual name to connect to the cluster.

Hope this helps,
Expert in ProLiant Clusters