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Get iLo name only using CPQLOCFG

Claire G
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Get iLo name only using CPQLOCFG

Hi all,

I'm trying to create a script that will scan all our iLo/RIBs (approximately 600) and output the names of the iLo/RIBs into a spreadsheet.

The rest I've got, but am not sure how to get CPQLOCFG to just return the name rather than all the network settings.

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Re: Get iLo name only using CPQLOCFG

To get the DNS name using a CPQLOCFG script, you are going to have to post-process the response data, possibly using grep to search for the hostname keyword.

There is not an option to extract just the single setting via the XML scripting interface - you will get all of the network settings as a group.