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HPOLCFG and LOM Object Distinguished Name

Kevin Kelling
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HPOLCFG and LOM Object Distinguished Name

First just a disclaimer that I'm somewhat of an ILO newbie.

I think I've figured out how to use a custom HPCLCFG task in SIM to force the desired settings onto ILO's with one exception -- the LOM object.

We are using the HP Extended Schema and there needs to be an AD object created. The OU location will never change, but the name of each object within the distinguished name will (obviously) be unique.

Is there any way to insert a variable here such as LOM Object Disctinguished Name = cn="", ou=ILO, etc.....?

Or are we going to have to set this manually (or use the migration utility). Either way was hoping to find a way to configure everything in one shot rather than have to use a 2nd tool and/or having to make setings manually.

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Re: HPOLCFG and LOM Object Distinguished Name

Check out the latest iLO Scripting guide. There is a provision for variable substitution in the current utility. You may have to specify the argument on the command-line.