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iLO licensing

Charles Rougeau
Occasional Visitor

iLO licensing

Looking for some clarification on iLO licensing.

Is the advanced pack required for remote console capabilties or can this be done with standard?

Does the advanced pack require a yearly renewal?

I have a customer who is complaining because they say that Dell did not have this licensing structure.

Daniel Bowers
Trusted Contributor

Re: iLO licensing

On ProLiant servers, iLO Advanced is needed for remote graphical consoles on ML (tower) and DL (rack) servers, but not on BL (blade) servers.

Chart of the different iLO versions:
("Standard Features" tab says what comes with the server; the "Licensed Features" are things enabled by the Advanced Pack.)

iLO Advanced doesn't require a multi-year license or license renewal to use. Once you get it, you can use it forever. However, getting technical support and updates for iLO Advanced beyond the first year does require a 3- to 5-year "Upgrades Care Pack".

Darin Hunte
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Re: iLO licensing

This has to be the most disappointment licensing arrangement in history!!! Sell me a server with remote management that I cannot use, then charge me extra to activate it.
Daniel Bowers
Trusted Contributor

Re: iLO licensing

I think the idea was that people who didn't want remote KVM don't have to pay for it. Many people just need remote status indicators and power on/power off.

Dell splits out the remote KVM as well (at least on the current "11G" servers). The standard PowerEdge servers have iDRAC6 Express (remote management but no virtual KVM). Virtual KVM is enabled with the optional iDRAC6 Enterprise.
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Re: iLO licensing

IBM does the same thing now on all their newer servers. However, this would be the perfect opportunity for HP to one-up the competition, and eliminate the licensing requirement.

Re: iLO licensing

Hi Charles,

You may register for ILO evaluation key for 60 days to check the additional features.

Eval key will enable all the features that you have with advance pack.

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Re: iLO licensing

It's not obvious to me why, after spending >$130k on a new DL980 G7, plus >$210k for DAS disks, I need to spend another $400 for an ILO Advanced license. Talk about penny pinching. I can understand it on the cheaper servers, but the DL980 G7?

On that note, I can't see where to purchase a downloadable license key online. I have the 60-day evaluation license. HP's website needs some improvement here. Anyone have a link?

Re: iLO licensing

Ok, I found the link for part# TA850AAE - HP iLO Advanced including 1yr 24x7 Technical Support and Updates Electronic License