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Configure EMAIL Message

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Configure EMAIL Message


I would like HP-Sim to send an email notification to my Incident Monitor. However, the Incident Monitor requires that the body of the mail is in a specific format. These 3 items must be in the body of the mail.

Category=System Generated Requests

CategorySub=IT Department

Severity=Tier 1

Is there a way to edit the mail format of the messages that are sent by HP-Sim? I am running Systems Insight Manager 5.2 with SP2 - Windows
Valued Contributor

Re: Configure EMAIL Message


Currently, you cannot alter the output of messages sent from SIM. The only way around this would be to set up an event handler to send all the data to an external program or script, have it format your message, and then send it via email to your Incident Monitor.
What are you using for your Incident Monitor? Does it accept SNMP traps? If so, you could just setup an event handler to automatically foward the trap to your IM.

- Derek
Occasional Contributor

Re: Configure EMAIL Message

Looks like what I want is not possible, Thanks for the input.