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Constant ILO XML login messages in the log

Occasional Contributor

Constant ILO XML login messages in the log

We have two SIM servers, the old one and a new one that we just stood up to eventually decommsission the older server. Our ILO logs are getting constant XML login messages every 15 minutes. What's this caused by and can we filter or stop these events?

Re: Constant ILO XML login messages in the log

Conceivable Insight Control power management (if it is installed) -- it has a 15 minute scheduler clock tick, and can leave an XML login record in the iLO log. Ordinarily, power management data collection runs every 16 hours or so however.

You might as an experiment disable power management (Options\Power Management). If that makes the problem go away we'll investigate the power management case further. Let us know about SIM & iLO versions in use, post the iLO & SIM logs (if relevant), etc, etc, etc.

Also, check for any SIM scheduled tasks operating on a 15 minute period.