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Determining Processor Model from SIM 5.1 query

Kathy Santerre_1
Occasional Visitor

Determining Processor Model from SIM 5.1 query

We are running SIM 5.1 on Windows 2003 SP1 server. I am trying to query 1500 servers and the preconfigured query does not allow the processor model to be reported only processor speed. We have servers that fit the HP advisory listed below for the Intel Xeon processors. We don't want to log on to every server to determine how many need the updated BIOS.


Document ID: c01038053

Version: 1

Advisory: SYSTEM ROM UPGRADE REQUIRED to Prevent Unpredictable System Behavior in ProLiant Servers Configured with Certain Intel Processors

fred Passeron
Honored Contributor

Re: Determining Processor Model from SIM 5.1 query


Using the advanced search tool in the search window, you will be able to make more granular queries.

Search for systems where processor type is (is not) xxxx and speed and system type is server

then click on view to see the result of the query, you can also save the results as collection.

Hope it helps

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