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HP Proliant Essentials PMP - Configuration Issue


HP Proliant Essentials PMP - Configuration Issue

Hello All!

I am experiencing a problem with the Performance Management Pack when it comes to monitoring NICs that are part of a 2-member NFT-only NIC team.

When I attempt to drill down to view usage statistics on the team in the PMP online analysis window, I instead see the individual member NICs with a "?" mark as a status icon and when I click on the individual member NICs, I see the following analysis explanation message: "Performance of this NIC port cannot be analyzed because required configuration information could not be determined."

Also, at the bottom of the page I see the following message displayed - "Configuration Issues: Network teaming cannot be determined."

Any ideas on how I can fix or at least troubleshoot this problem?

Thanks in advance,

M D Tizzard
Occasional Advisor

Re: HP Proliant Essentials PMP - Configuration Issue

We have exactly the same issue as described. Does anyone have a solution to this issue? I believe the "?" appears because you have renamed the individual physical NIC's before teaming them. If they are left as default names they will appear (1), (2), (3), (4). Exactly the same happened for us but now we have upgraded the NCU I notice that () appears. Wondering if this causes the issue in Performance Management Pack? Strangely even though these configuration issues are flagged we still get data in the Status and Graph tabs?