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HPSIM Stability problems

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HPSIM Stability problems

We have been trying several times building a stable HPSIM environment from scratch.

* The way it looks now is that HPSIM becomes unstable whenever people are starting up the HPSIM Console.
* At that point, mxdomainmgr.exe is claiming 25% CPU time (100% on 1 CPU), it never gets any higher and it never gets any lower anymore
* After about 60 minutes the web service is unavailable/not contactable anymore. Only a restart can solve this.
* This happens aprox. 2 times per working day, not during weekends

* HPSIM Server is a dedicated DL380G4 with 2x Xeon 3 GHz HT CPU, 4GB of RAM and windows Server 2003 Standard SP2
* SQL Server 2005 is installed, database size is aprox 275MB
* There are about 1800-1900 objects in HPSIM (Servers+ILO's)
* We try cleaning down the Events every few days. Currently there are about 2000-3000 events in the database.
* All servers (except aprox. 15) have a fully trusted SMH Status and have SNMP configured
* The amount of users starting the HPSIM webbased console might be as high as 10 to 12 people. Most of them using IE7.
* Daily system identification has been set to once per week to minimize the load
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Re: HPSIM Stability problems

I have a SIM server that has been running for a couple of years monitoring 200-300 servers with far less horsepower. Until the last upgrade of SIM everything ran fine. Following that last upgrade two services were installed that, based on information here in the forums, I determined were causing mxdomainmgr to consume resources similar to what you explain here.

Stop and disable these two Windows services and see if your problems go away:

HP Performance Management Pack
HP Virtual Machine Management Service
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Re: HPSIM Stability problems

Thanks for the information.

Yes, you are correct. We already disabled these services (or even beter, we did not install these components).

Only OpenSSH, WMIProxyMapper, SMH and Insight Agents are remaining. The WMIProxy also has a negative performance impact, we disabled this as well.