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Help with setupc running

Rich Harmer
Occasional Advisor

Help with setupc running

I'm using a patching tool called BigFix to call setupc on a destination server. BigFix brings setupc down to that server and runs the following command line. If I use just setupc from a remote machine, it does work... But using my deployment tool in conjunction is not working. I think that has to do with it not running 'as a user' on the server. I'm using this syntax, and as I understand it, if I specify a user/pass that is only if I specify a target machine.

setupc.exe /use-latest /use-location:\\srvr-cim\agents\751
fred Passeron
Honored Contributor

Re: Help with setupc running


read page 31 on the following document. "IMPORTANT: The target systems must be accessible over the network connection, and the account that is
running the Remote Deployment Console Utility must have administrative access to the target system."

see also page 21 for examples.

Hope it helps

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