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How to do VCA functionality verification

Occasional Contributor

How to do VCA functionality verification

I am in the process of upgrading all VCA to latest version on all servers accross the organization.

Is there an easy way to verify if the installations are working?

I can query SCCM and verify the version installed. But how can I assure it actually works and loads the data properly from the repository?

i.e. for a small number of servers, I can just load the Version control page and check if the agent is loading any data. But I need to be able to do this for 30-50 servers at a time.

Any suggestions?


Re: How to do VCA functionality verification

VCA functionality can be checked by opening HP SMH/VCA console url (Ex: https://servername:2381) from HP VCRM server. VCA need to be configured to point to VCRM server in order to see the list of Installed softwares versions and latest versions available.

Occasional Contributor

Re: How to do VCA functionality verification


Thanks for your reply.

Yes, this is fine, as I mentioned, it's easy to do a check for one server. Load the HPSMH and check the VCR tab to see if it loads any data.

My question is how to do that for 30-50 servers at once?

Is it possible to make some checks in HP SIM? Run some sort of script? some sort of query?

Any help is appreciated.


Honored Contributor

Re: How to do VCA functionality verification

One way is to use HP SIM and configure the baselines you need to hold against your servers! Do you know how?

The problem with this i that you can get false results, the other way could be done with HP SUM, load your SPP baseline and scan youf servers, this can be done remote with a set of servers. 


Kind regards,