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Server Management - Systems Insight Manager
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Insight Agent on HP-UX

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Insight Agent on HP-UX

I'm thinking about the installation of HP SIM (System Insight Manager)
it seems that this solution needs a CMS server.
and installation on insight agents on managed nodes.

We don't have a server to host the CMS.

Is it possible to install only insight agents on managed nodes (HP-UX) without the CMS ?
is there a graphical interface available after the insight agent installation that can show some information about the server?
melvyn burnard
Honored Contributor

Re: Insight Agent on HP-UX

No, you need to have a CMS for this to work. Why not just use one of teh hosts you wish to manage as the CMS? it can also be added as a managed node.
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fred Passeron
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Re: Insight Agent on HP-UX

hi again

Is it possible to install only insight agents on managed nodes (HP-UX) without the CMS ?
In fact yes : The insight agents provides a web server that serves as a portal for managing the server alone. It provides information on the HW status of the machine.

here is a link to all the necessary infos for installing what is necessary on a managed node :

Once Installed, you will be able to access the server though an https address on port 2381

https://servername or ip address (if not FQDN):2381
accept the certificate and use priviledged user account to log in.

HP SIM is regular management application that is based on a server client architecture. However, depending on the goals you want to achieve, the insight agents could do on their own. This would mean that no central point is defined. Therefore you would need to browse each system to get its status. This also means that each server should be configured to recieve it own traps.

This is why a CMS is important. Besides, the HP SIM server can be installed on windows, linux or HP-UX.In the HP-UX case, it could also be an integrity VM : http://docs.hp.com/en/418810-003/ch02s04.html

More infos on System management Homepage on HP UX here :

hope it helps

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Re: Insight Agent on HP-UX

Thanks Fred,
this what i need exactly
Frequent Advisor

Re: Insight Agent on HP-UX

Hi Fred,
i'm trying to to access insight agent from a web browser using https://IP_Adress:2381 but it fails

all the components are already installed in the system. i have not added anything
i can't see what is wrong

here is what is installed

T1471AA A.04.50.021 HP-UX Secure Shell

openssl A.00.09.07l.007 Secure Network Communications Protocol

HPUXBaseAux.WBEMServices A.02.05.08 WBEM Services CORE Product

**optional providers
LVMProvider R11.23.009 CIM/WBEM Provider for LVM

OnlineDiag B. HPUX 11.23 Support Tools Bundle, December 2007

SysFaultMgmt B. HPUX System Fault Management

**System Management Homepage
SysMgmtWeb A.2.2.7 HP-UX Web Based System Management User Interfaces