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Move Database from MSDE to SQL 2000

steve macdonald_1
Occasional Visitor

Move Database from MSDE to SQL 2000


I have a newbie question. I have been asked to move our SIM database from a local MSDE database to a remote SQL database.

I have been looking at the Moving HP SIM 5.0 to a new Windows system pdf but this seems to be concerned with moving the SIM itself. I don't want to do this I only want to move the back end database.

I understand the process laid out in the document to copy the db from MSDE to SQL 2000 but a number of the xml files mentioned that contain configuration information simply are not on our system.

Surely its not that complicated, stop the service move the db, update configuration info within the SIM software then start the servies.

I have had a nose around the SIM info library to no avail.

Can anyone help, has anyone done this before. I have seen the file located within C:\Program Files\HP\Systems Insight Manager\config folder but am unsure as to which ones to update.

Thanks in advance for your help