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stefano colombo_1
Super Advisor


Hi ,
I'm taking a look at PMP in respect to ESX Hosts ( and guests ) .
I'm running ICE 2.35 ( HP SIM 5.2.2 , VMM 3.5 , PMP 4.7 )

I tried to figure out how to monitor and reporting ESX hosts usage but got no luck .

I tried to open the performance tab in the hosts details but saw this message
"No performance data is being displayed because this server is running as a virtual machine (VM) host. For VM host system performance data use Virtual Machine Management (VMM) Pack which is available as an HP ProLiant Essentials option for HP Systems Insight Manager. Check Essentials tab for more details.


Since VMM is installed , the host registered as VM host and got a VMM license I expected it to work but couldn't find a way of moniotring performance of it

Can anyone give me an help to start ?
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: PMP ESX Hosts

The ESX Host itself gets registered for the PMP License and PMP started for it.

Then you'll get PMP data for the host and if you start them PMP data for the guests. The PMP guest data is not as detailed as you'd get for a physical server.

PMP can be quite sensitive around SNMP and accurate identification of the Host. On our ESX servers snmp is installed and configured as part of the HP Management Agents install.
stefano colombo_1
Super Advisor

Re: PMP ESX Hosts

Rob ,
the problem is , how can I get PMP data for the hosts ? I tried to run Performance report but got " no data to display"
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: PMP ESX Hosts

PMP works the same for ESX as it does for a Windows Server.
You need to have the host licensed and PMP started.
You should see an icon in the PF column.

If you click on this you'll get taken to the PMP page. If you end up on an Admin page then there's a problem with PMP.

You can also create a pmplog.txt file in the PMP installation directory - this can help you in diagnosis.