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R_StorageHostBusAdapters Query

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

R_StorageHostBusAdapters Query

We have a number of HP Proliant Servers with HBAs. These are connected to an HSG based EMA12000 Storage System.
Reporting on these from HPSIM is generally weak.
The table R_StorageHostBusAdapters is empty. Is there anything that needs to be done to populate this?
I've checked and the Fibre Agent has not been removed.

I can get very few details from the installed controllers section of the HPSIM Report.
KGPSA's show up as "Compaq StorageWorks 64bit/33Mhz PCI to Fibre Channel HBA"
FCA2101's show up as FCA2101's which is good!
FCA2404's just show up as Fibre "Channel" and that is the only details available.

It seems the only way of getting the information is directly from each Server via the LPUTILNT utility.

Any chance of the reporting of these devices improving or have I missed something?