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Removed VM reappears


Removed VM reappears


few hours after I'd removed a VM (of an ESXi) in HP SIM 5.3 it reappears in the system list and is (of course) marked as not reachable. Does anybody know how this happens? I've deleted it several times but it comes always back.

Thank you for any hints.

Re: Removed VM reappears

Need to disable it from auto-discovery. Go to Options-> Discovery-> Configure General Settings and then uncheck the box that says "Automatically discover VM guest(s) when the host is identified."

Re: Removed VM reappears

Although I should note that my suggestion will disable all VMs from being discovered when a host is identified. That is what I do since I do not want any VMs in SIM, just the hosts. Not sure if this is the same in your case.

If it is just one particular VM that you want to prevent from being discovered, I wouldn't think SIM is that granular to make that possible.
fred Passeron
Honored Contributor

Re: Removed VM reappears


One can also set some discovery exclusion rules to prevent HP SIM from discovering devices.

hope it helps

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