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Replicating settings with SIM.

shachar ben david
Occasional Contributor

Replicating settings with SIM.

When I use SIM to replicate setting to SMH, Agent and VCA, The log said it succeeded, but
In reality not all the VCA settings getting replicated.
Sometimes it's the password and always it does not succeed with the Reference Support Pack selection.
After the replication, I go to the VCA and have the error:
" Overall Software Status: The currently named Version Control Repository Manager did not return a status. This is often due to an invalid Reference Support Pack selection. The log may contain additional information. Click on change agent settings to specify a different Reference Support Pack or Version Control Repository Manager. "

I have SIM5 +SP5.
I configured trust by certificate to all servers.

I'm using the last PSP and VCA.

Any ides?

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Replicating settings with SIM.

You are possibly trying to replicate the software reference pack for the wrong OS?

e.g. you're trying to replicate a W2K3 software reference pack for a W2K Server?
They're different so the replication will fail.