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SIM 7.0 Software Version Status unknown

Dirk Frey

SIM 7.0 Software Version Status unknown


Since I have updated SIM from version 6.3 to 7.0 all servers have a Software Version Status of "unknown".

It seems SIM 7 does not longer poll the VCA informations of the servers.


Any suggestions?


Best regards,


jim goodman
Trusted Contributor
Dirk Frey

Re: SIM 7.0 Software Version Status unknown

Thanks for your reply Jim.


The using of baselines is not what I want. Two reasons:

1. Baselines age fast, so you have a view to the past only.

2. Management of baselines needs a lot of effort.


I want to have a comparison of the software currently installed on the servers with the newest version of the software in the VCR.

Therefore up to now  I have configured VCA to poll VCR, but no Reference Support Pack defined.


How can I do that  with SIM 7.0?

Occasional Advisor

Re: SIM 7.0 Software Version Status unknown

When you choose a baseline, it lists "baseline" and "latest".  I don't know yet, but if you can have it use 'latest' that would be fine.


However, I want a way to update specific software / firmware.  Currently, you can only do the entire PSP, though you can have it only update installed components and not install new ones if you want.


You can create a custom baseline.  However, the way I understand that, you choose specific components.  After setup, you can't add components.  So - custom baselines would truly be 'point in time' items.  If you use them for a specific purpose / install that might be ok.  But if you were more concerned about specific software, you can't use custom baselines to keep them up to date without always going back, creating new baselines, applying them, and deleting old.  Exactly what you want to avoid.