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SIM VMM Database problem

Eric V. Wilson
Occasional Advisor

SIM VMM Database problem

We are running SIM V5 with SP4 under Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition SP1, on a Proliant DL580 G3.
The VM Hosts are running VMware for ESX V2.5.2 under Linux.
The SQL Server databases are housed on a seperate DL580 G3 system (SQL Server 2000 with SP4).
Our problem is - the vmm_db_v2 transaction log has increased in size over the course of an afternoon to such an extent (4GB!!) that it has filled up the disk.
As a result, SIM has ground to a halt - tasks are not running, no event or system lists can be displayed, etc.
We think the problem may be related to the database, rather than SIM or VMM, but has anyone come across this problem before?
Can anyone throw any light on what might be happening and why?
All suggestions gratefully received.
Honored Contributor
Eric V. Wilson
Occasional Advisor

Re: SIM VMM Database problem

Hello Sandeep,

Many thanks for your prompt reply.

I haven't yet read the URL documents in detail, but at first glance it looks as though they will give me much useful information and guidelines.

I'll update the thread again when I have had a chance to read them in detail and implement the recommendations.

Thanks again.