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Server Names with underscores

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Server Names with underscores

We have a large number of server's that use 'underscores' as part of their name. When trying to access the Health Status of these servers, we have to change the IP address, for the actual server name, as we keep getting 'page cannot be displayed' messages? The servers without any underscores in there name, this workround is fine. For those server's with underscores, we get a message about 'browser is not going to be able to log into the HP web-based management software on this system' I found a link to a Knowledge base artical on this forum, but the KB is no longer on the microsoft website.
Does anyone know of a soultion to the underscore problem
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Server Names with underscores

While NetBIOS allowed the use of underscores, DNS specifically does not, reserving underscores for specific things like pre-pending an underscore for a protocol such as _UDP or _TCP. HP SIM uses DNS exclusively.

Microsoft's own recommendations are:

"You can configure all Windows DNS clients with a computer name based on any of the standard supported characters defined in Request for Comments (RFC) 1123, "Requirements for Internet Hosts -- Application and Support." These characters include the use of:

* Uppercase letters, A through Z
* Lowercase letters, a through z
* Numbers, 0 through 9
* Hyphens (-)

If you are supporting both NetBIOS and DNS namespaces on your network, you can use a different computer name within each namespace. It is recommended that wherever possible, however, you try to use computer names that are 15 characters or less and that you follow the RFC 1123 naming requirements outlined above."