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Service Monioring on VM

Occasional Contributor

Service Monioring on VM

Hi Guys

Is it possible to setup HP SIM to moniotr services on a VM running Windows server?

On the nonVM server there is an option in the control panel called - HP Management Agents. But its not available on the VM machines.

I've tried to manually install the agent but it says its not compatabile.

Any ideas?
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Service Monioring on VM

Not with any of the current HP agents and HPSIM.
The HP Agents are for monitoring hardware but have the ability to monitor services. As you've discovered installing these agents onto a virtual server doesn't work.
I believe there are some products out there that can convert events to snmp traps. But then you'd need a suitable MIB loaded into HPSIM to provide information.