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System Management Homepage timeout SLES10

Occasional Advisor

System Management Homepage timeout SLES10

I have a Proliant DL585/G5 running Novell/SUSE version 10 service pack 1. HP System Management Homepage v2.1.11.197 if that helps.

When I attempt to open the Device Home page (by pointing a browser at port 2381) I get the error message:
A timeout occurred while loading data for the HP System Management Homepage which may result in missing or incomplete information.

The log contains the following:

INFORMATION LOG (severity=0) Thu Dec 11 15:22:02 2008
User:root from was authenticated and authorized with 'Administrator' rights

ERROR LOG (severity=2) Thu Dec 11 15:23:44 2008
UI Timeout (limit: 20s) -- Nav Load Time: 102s [breakdown: webagent(HP Foundation Agent): 102s || hmanics(HP NIC Agent): 0s || hmaserv(HP Server Agent): 0s || elm(backwards compatibility): 0s]

The system model shows up as unknown, the System Status Summary is "No failed/degraded items" rather than the usual links to Recovery, Storage, System and Utilization.

The fact that I get a homepage seems to indicate that HP SIM is mostly working. The SNMP configuration (as far as I can tell) is correct and identical to five other servers that are working correctly.

I saw a suggesstion on another thread to turn on "accept snmp packets from all hosts" but I don't see that under the security setting tab.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks