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Systems with same HPSIM HostGUID

Massimo Ripamonti
Occasional Contributor

Systems with same HPSIM HostGUID

I have to system with the same HostGUID. On the Console I have a conflict, a System with Identification Address to IP Addresses of both system ... I can't discover an agent for each system.
How can i resolve this issue ?
Valued Contributor

Re: Systems with same HPSIM HostGUID


I have had this issue in the past with replicated (ghosted or PQI imaged) server images. Here's how I resolved it:
1. Stop all the Insight Management agents (foundation, NIC, storage, etc.)
2. Open regedit.exe and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Compaq Insight Agent\.
3. Delete the Binary value "hostGUID" under this key. The content should look like this:


4. Delete both systems from HP SIM's console.
5. Restart the agents on both systems.
6. Rediscover each system (if SIM hasn't already.)

Note that step 4 has you deleting the nodes in SIM prior to restarting the agents. This will ensure that if a trap is sent when the agents are restarted that the old records are removed from SIM and new ones are created under the new GUIDs. Once you run a data collection on each node you should be good.

The fall back plan of course, would be to reinstall the agents on both nodes. Hopefully you won't need to do this.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Re: Systems with same HPSIM HostGUID

I also found a similar problem to this in terms of HOSTGUID replicating IP addresses and would like to ask what SID generator tool you guys would use?

If you are using RDP with its inbuilt SIDGEN then I would recommend you switch to Microsoftâ s SYSPREP as it will go into the Hives of the Registry to remove any IP addresses associated with the image. SYSPREP should be used prior to the IMAGE taken and then after the new server is deployed using that IMAGE.