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Thermal Failure message from DL380

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Thermal Failure message from DL380

Can anyone provide some insight (heh, no pun intended) as to what might cause this error? If this were a failed fan (my thought since air flow seems less out the back of this box compared to others, and the air feels warmer as well), would SIM report "failed fan" or can is a thermal failure how it senses a failed fan? Since I can't open this box at the moment, I'm stuck guessing.

Box is a DL380G3 with 7.40 FW and 7.40A support pack.

Event Name: Temperature Status Change (8030) Event originator: myservername Event Severity: Critical Event received: 24-Feb-2006, 09:52:42

Event description: Storage System temperature status change. The agent has detected a change in the temperature status of a storage system. The variable cpqSsBoxTempStatus indicates the current temperature status. User Action: If the temperature status is degraded or failed, shutdown the storage system as soon as possible. Insure that the storage system environment is being cooled properly and that no components are overheated.

Location: Slot 0
Vendor: COMPAQ
Serial Number:
Status: failed
Craig McK
Trusted Contributor

Re: Thermal Failure message from DL380


I've previously had a failed fan reported in an ML - it alerted that one of the PSU fans had failed.

I would guess this is similar to a DL, but can't confirm that yet? (Not that I'm hoping for a failed fan..!) =)
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Thermal Failure message from DL380

My guess is that it's an airflow obstruction issue preventing adequate cooling. Is it possible that additional drives have been added lately, adding to the heat load?