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Compaq KVM Keyboard repeat stuck?

David Whalen
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Compaq KVM Keyboard repeat stuck?

I have an older Compaq 4-port KVM (model number 4115, part number 242696-001). I'm experiencing an odd problem where I will suddenly experience multiple occurrences of a key being pressed. This problem gets particularly annoying when I'm using my arrow keys to scroll up and down a document.

For example, while using the up arrow, I may suddenly see 88 appear on the page. Likewise I would see 22 with the down arrow. The problem is not limited to the arrow keys, however. It seems that any key can suddenly get stuck.

I'm searching for any firmware upgrades I can do for this unit. Unfortunately, the box does not have a standard DIN-9 serial port, but rather some weird RJ-11 port on the back of it. So, I don't really know how to even begin to address upgrading the box.

Has anyone had experience with this or has seen this "sticky keys" problem? I'd be grateful for the help.




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Re: Compaq KVM Keyboard repeat stuck?

Dave , I see you have/had a 4115 KVM switch.
I have just been given one, my question is how do you get into it too configure?/,,

Any pointer's will help.
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Re: Compaq KVM Keyboard repeat stuck?

It sounds like the NumLock key is giving you trouble. Is the keyboard OK?

Try this PDF file for your answers to the config problem.

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