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KVM server console switch

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KVM server console switch

The specific part is below.
Two of our exisitng servers have now dropped out of the server menu - the ports on "printscreen" do not show the servers attached.

If I attach an existing (working) server into these ports - they show up, so the switch ports seems ok.

However new servers will not show on any of the ports.

I also have an ip expansion module which will only show servers plugged into it's first port - no other servers I plug in will show up. (262589-b21)

I am now at the end of my tether to figure out what is going on . . . help much appreciated!

CAT5 Server Console Switch KVM - 0x2x16 - (0x2x16)



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Re: KVM server console switch

After chaning all the cat 5 cables (yet again) I now have it starting to work again - although now the expansion module shows as a server disconnected??!!

Re: KVM server console switch


Sorry, I don't understand your problem at all, but I had a problem with a KVM Switch.

I found that the KEYBOARD was the cause of my problem. It was the original Server HP Keyboard.

I changed with another model and it works!!!

I used a keyboard from one HP PC.

I don't know if this can help you.

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