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Regarding RISC,CISC,Itanium

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Regarding RISC,CISC,Itanium


can you tell me different bitwin RISC,CISC,Itanium.
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Re: Regarding RISC,CISC,Itanium


This link will explain differences between risk and cisc.

And this one will explain the difference between risk and itanium


Work hard when the need comes out.
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Re: Regarding RISC,CISC,Itanium

These days, without referring you to whitepapers, vendor pitches and blogs/wikis AND with regards to performance - NONE.

CISC/RISC/Itanium performance are no longer vastly different or have wide gaps in performance.

What's important these days are the following:

1.) Cost (performance/cost)
2.) Adherence to industry standards as applications/workloads are increasingly becoming hardware and OS independent - that it is now possible to move entire applications - say from UNIX to Windows in a weekend.
3.) Stability.

Gone are the days when co called PC CPUs (CISC X86 architecture) are not trusted with Datacenter workloads. Gone are the days when RISC servers rule Enterprise Applications.
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