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upgrade firmware instructions

Randall Shearer
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upgrade firmware instructions

I have a KVM Switch, HP p/n 366044-B21.
It has worked well for a year or two, but does not work with my new Keyboard/mouse/monitor drawer. I'm hoping that the newer firmware will resolve my problem.
So here is my question, how do I upgrade the firmware? I have downloaded what I thought was the right SP, and it tries to see my switch on Com1, but there is no response. Then I check the HP site, and somebody is talking about TFTP or something. I just need to know what the right procedure is.
Please help.
Vajith V
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Re: upgrade firmware instructions

Hi Randall,

Welcome to the Forum.

Could you please provide us more details with respect to your problem? It will be easy for forum users to help you if the product name is clearly specified.

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