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Welcome to the cloud experience with HPE NonStop SQL

Learn how the new database product HPE NonStop SQL Cloud Edition brings the cloud experience to your modern enterprise applications—with reduced complexity and highest levels of availability and scalability out-of-the-box.

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In each passing chapter in our IT journey, something new captures our imagination. One current chapter just happens to be cloud computing. For a while now, it’s been impossible to escape breaking news that this or that enterprise has elected to embrace clouds. However, it is also becoming noticeable that some enterprises that see clouds not as a destination but as part of an ongoing journey where it is the cloud experience that excites them most of all.

In his quarterly earnings call for Q1 2021, HPE CEO Antonio Neri offered a revealing explanation of how HPE is addressing this journey. “To emerge and recover from the global pandemic, enterprises require secure connectivity, data insight, and a cloud experience to accelerate their digital transformation, all of which further reinforces the significance of HPE’s differentiated edge-to-cloud platform-as-a-service vision.”1

The theme surfaced again in a recent podcast featuring Forrester’s Chis Gardner and Tom Phelan, HPE Fellow for Hybrid IT infrastructure. The podcast began with an even clearer setting of expectations. “Enterprises are looking to modernize applications and deliver a cloud-like experience for end users and developers.” According to Gardner, “They also want to bring this back to legacy applications, and preferably, they want to do it without having to refactor them, which is often a costly endeavor.”

What does this mean for HPE NonStop customers?

For the HPE NonStop community, the recognition that it is the cloud experience that enterprises are keen to embrace is well understood. We have heard the requests from our NonStop customers wanting the simplicity of the cloud experience, but on-premises to preserve security and performance. Translation? NonStop customers want to make NonStop systems’ ultra-high availability accessible to more applications and to widely accepted enterprise standards.

We all see that as customers seek these requirements, the value proposition of NonStop resonates in a slightly different way. We have heard numerous times and from different HPE executives that, in processing transactions in the traditional role, data is created on NonStop. It’s these kinds of references that have driven increased interest in the NonStop SQL database.

So what is the future of NonStop?

The introduction of a new product—HPE NonStop SQL Cloud Edition– is a direct response to our NonStop customers re-evaluating the potential of NonStop SQL within their enterprise.

Frans Jongma of the HPE Advanced Technology Center puts it this way: “Imagine this: a user can request a database from a portal by selecting it from a menu that may include products like MySQL, Oracle, or PostgreSQL,” he said. “Each database may have some platform-specific configuration options apart from the database name and database storage size. Then the necessary Ansible scripts execute in the background and voila, your fault-tolerant database is ready to go. All you then need are the required JDBC and ODBC drivers for your database.”

With today’s modern applications that are typically micro-services based—where high availability is implicitly acquired by just deploying many occurrences of a stateless service—data is still an issue. Even micro-services applications require their data to be always on and therefore need a database server that is highly available, scalable, and easily deployed. Most distributed or clustered relational databases on the market are in fact very complex to assemble They do not scale linearly and are far from achieving the availability that you can get with HPE NonStop SQL. In general these data bases also come with a very high premium.

The arrival of HPE NonStop SQL Cloud Edition is a timely reminder that NonStop possesses a database offering that is completely in step with the times. Whether you are an experienced NonStop customer or an ISV that is new to NonStop, HPE NonStop SQL Cloud Edition is now giving you something that will transcend the expected—applications developed for open platforms with an inherit evel of availability that previously would have been complex to assemble as their potential to scale linearly to handle greater transaction volumes would prove problematic.

How does HPE NonStop SQL Cloud Edition delivers on cloud experience benefits?

Leveraging the newly-implemented support for multi-tenancy, whereby database deployments can be achieved in a matter of minutes, HPE NonStop SQL Cloud Edition bundles SQL/MX Database Services (DBS) with a new API for Workload Managed Services (WMS) together with NonStop SQLXPress for the highest level of security— plus NonStop Database Analyzer (NSDA) for real-time database workload monitoring. This makes the data base administrator's day-to-day life a lot easier.

Looking ahead, this new cloud edition bundle with NS SQL/MX creates an opportunity for greater NonStop participation in HPE GreenLake. In a future release, the NonStop team will be looking at making NonStop SQL Cloud Edition part of the wider GreenLake offering for consumption-based pricing. It is clear that the ISV community heavily invested in providing micro-services based solutions for Linux and Windows will find NS SQL Cloud Edition of great interest. Simply put, it just makes the whole process of accessing an industry-standard database via industry-standard APIs (and where the levels of availability together with scalability are unmatched by any other product) much easier. Combine this with the Oracle-compatibility features and many ISVs can consider NonStop SQL Cloud Edition as not just technically advanced but a solution for less cost than otherwise might be available.

It is the goal of NonStop SQL Cloud Edition to negate any requirement of those enterprises electing to deploy the database to learn the inner workings of the NonStop system. The NonStop team is committed to supporting industry standards and this includes ANSI SQL together with common access APIs, ODBC, and JDBC. Furthermore, there are now specific database compatibility features including PL/MX and Oracle data types and functions that are contributing to making it easier to work with NonStop. These features have now all become available with NonStop SQL Cloud Edition.

With HPE NonStop SQL Cloud Edition, the NonStop team is delivering a turnkey database software bundle that brings the simplicity and agility of the public cloud experience on your premises. It completely abstracts clustering and distributed SQL complexity while combining the highest levels of availability, scalability, data integrity, and performance out of the box. The bundle includes the RDBMS software, advanced secure management and workload analytics for immediate use in your private cloud infrastructure as a multi-tenant data fabric for your cloud native or Linux applications.

Is it time to consider HPE NonStop SQL as a foundational component in your digital transformation?

Our IT journey will continue indefinitely. Our need to turn data into information and creating greater business insights is proving challenging. While the cloud experience is well understood by today’s enterprises, there’s still a need to capitalize on on-premises systems without forgetting the layers of security that have been activated over decades. This accumulated first-hand experience drives the need for traditional software offerings to become cloud like.

With HPE NonStop SQL Cloud Edition, we believe the presence of NonStop within enterprise data centers will continue to meet our customers' needs. 

1 HPE Investor Relations, Q1 2021 Earnings Transcript

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