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cmcluster.init script

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C'est Pierre

cmcluster.init script


Has anyone had any issues with this script? I ran "chkconfig cmcluster.init on" and rebooted the machines to check if it was working, I saw that it was in an infinite loop and displaying shellscript parsing errors. I haven't edited it but even if I had, it wouldn't surely affect both nodes.

I am using this version:


The md5 of the cmcluster.init script:
188bb513570cb03c337ede35a800b6a7 /etc/init.d/cmcluster.init

Would anyone with the same version of serviceguard tell me if there md5 is the same?

Thank you
John Bigg
Esteemed Contributor

Re: cmcluster.init script

I've never seen problems with this script. What errors did you see?

I extracted the cmcluster.init script from the 11.16.01 rpm using rpm2cpio and got the same md5sum as you:

# md5sum usr/local/cmcluster/conf/cmcluster.init
188bb513570cb03c337ede35a800b6a7 usr/local/cmcluster/conf/cmcluster.init

So I would imagine your file should be correct.
Serviceguard for Linux
Honored Contributor

Re: cmcluster.init script

There is a problem in the script that is fixed with the latest patch version (check with your HP support contact to get that version. I'll post more details later.

The problem is a typo in the script that is only seen when there is some other problem with your cluster.

By the way, which distribution are you using? 11.16.02 is required for most later versions of RedHat 4.
C'est Pierre

Re: cmcluster.init script

Using SLES 9.3, thanks for the information. Would it be possible to provide that script alone? or the changes required to fix it by hand, as we're still using a "trial version", our HP commercial provided us with and I would love if I could only get the script and not the whole thing.