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file system modification

the mounted file system size is 50GB, mount point name /project2 . now we are receive error in data base like the /project2 file system is not created for larger file system we unable to create large files like that we are received error in Data base.

fsadm -F vxfs /project2

outout like - nolargefiles. so while creating new fileo system our admin team missed to mention-o largefile....

now there is no online jfs and os version is hp-ux 11.23 and 30GB data is inside in /project2 mount point . hence it is cluster active node. what is the way to change the file system type from nolarge to larger ..

please share the steps to perform . cluster is legacy clsuter 


Re: file system modification

The fact that this is a cluster probably has nothing to do with your question about converting it. If I read the fsadm_vxfs man page correctly you should be able to toggle the largefiles option on using that command. So something like:
# fsadm -F vxfs -o largefiles /project2

Note that you may still need to change the FS_MOUNT_OPT as described below to make sure largefiles are allowed in the future if the package is halted and restarted or fails over to the adoptive node. See man mount_vxfs for more info.

Or if online change is denied,  you will need to halt the package that mounts the filesystem and perform the same command with the VG active but the filesystem unmounted. 

1) Halt the package

2) Activate the VG manually like # vgchange -a e /dev/vg01

3) Change the flag # fsadm -F vxfs -o largefiles /dev/vg01/lvol1

4) Verify the flag is changed using fsadm. Maybe try mounting the filesystem manually to test, remembering to use the proper -o <options>.

5) Unmount the filesystem and deactivate the VG like # vgchange -a n /dev/vg01

6) Change the FS_MOUNT_OPT option for this filesystem in your package configurartion file to include the "-o largefiles" and run cmapplyconf as needed.

7) Start the package and verify things are working as expected.

Review the man pages on the various commands you will be using and if you have questions about the package configuration and how to do this, you should refer to the Managing Serviceguard manual which are available here:

Keep in mind if you are using an older version of Serviceguard with legacy packages, pay particular attention to the version of the manual to select because newer features may not be available to you.


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Re: file system modification

Thanks for your reply

i have check the pkg control file it is mentioned like below

LV[1]="/dev/vg01/lvol1"; FS[9]="/project2"; FS_TYPE[1]="vxfs"; FS_MOUNT_OPT[1]="-o nolargefiles"; FS_UMOUNT_OPT[1]=""; FS_FSCK_OPT[1]=""

so i plan to stop the cluster package and i need to activitage the vg manually and i need to check the lv now.. wheather it is created large file or nolarge file...

becuase my doubt is nolargefile option mentioned in package file so while sever booting it is taking like that right ? so that i plan to activate the VG with normal mode and check the lv option and revert back to you