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serviceguard and netgroup

andrea carrettoni
Occasional Contributor

serviceguard and netgroup

Hi there is anyone who are using SG linux A.11.16 + NFS toolkit for sharing to remote host with access limited to a netgroup host of client ?
hanfs.sh use exportfs -i " *:/filesystem" sintax meaning * as world, other manual example use "hostname:/filesystem" , try to use "MYNETGROUP:/filesystem" sintax without any result other than errors.

Trusted Contributor

Re: serviceguard and netgroup

Hi Andrea,

Can you be a bit more specific?


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andrea carrettoni
Occasional Contributor

Re: serviceguard and netgroup

Our enviroment is :
Cluster SG linux A.11.16+ NFS toolkit named LEM, phisical host LEM1 and LEM2

LEM1 and LEM2 are NIS client, in NIS maps exist a NETGROUP map containing MYHOST: hostA hostB hostC.

we woult like to export from LEM cluster file system : /mnt/oss_1 /mnt/oss_A only to client hostA hostB hostC using NIS map MYHOST defined in NETGROUP.

what is the right sintax for exportfs command in hanfs.sh script of NFS toolkit ?

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: serviceguard and netgroup

exportfs -av

will handle the export

You need to have /etc/exports have hostname directives to prevent it hosts not authorized from mounting the shares.

example /etc/exports
/share/web,no_root_squash,async),no_root_squash,async),no_root_squash,async),no_root_squash,async) /share,no_root_squash,async),no_root_squash,async),no_root_squash,async)

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andrea carrettoni
Occasional Contributor

Re: serviceguard and netgroup

Thanks for your assistence