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See How Customers Are Using HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack In Their Organizations!


HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack was launched into the market, with the first systems shipped into datacenters in September 2017. Since then, multiple customers are exploring the wide ranges of uses Microsoft Azure Stack offers and the benefits it brings to their Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Microsoft’s 30 year partnership allows for co-innovation on HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack, helping customers solve common problems faced in their IT departments, such as data security and performance issues.





HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack addresses four key customer use cases:

1. Data sovereignty, security, and compliance:

Organizations use HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack to provide access for services with specific data sovereignty, security, and compliance requirements. Many organizations do not feel comfortable putting their applications in the cloud, or they can’t due to security reasons. This solution allows customers to deploy the same application in data centers in different countries and keep the personal data within each country’s borders. Check out HPE’s customer, The Sourcing Company, case study addressing this problem here.

2.  Performance:

Some applications demand the highest performance, such as real time analytics. If customers are analyzing large data sets, it may take too long for them to run that data in the public cloud. Having the data on premises with HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack, allows customers to save time by eliminating the latency factor. 

3. Edge and disconnected applications:

Some customers run multiple applications on the edge or applications where they are disconnected from the datacenter for periods of time. HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack tackles these applications with ease, allowing organizations to process data on premises and then leverage Azure to analyze the data at a later time. 

4. Modern application development:

With HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack, developers are given one consistent set of tools to develop applications, either on premises or in the cloud. They can write the app once and then deploy in either location.

For all of the use cases addressed above, HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack is the optimal solution when choosing an Azure Stack hardware vendor. HPE is also the only hardware vendor that offers true consumption based pricing for HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack with HPE GreenLake FlexCapacity. Take a look at one of HPE’s customers, Peering One, and see how they leverage HPE GreenLake FlexCapacity to economically scale and provide the best experience for their customers.

For more information on the use cases HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack addresses, check out this brochure. In addition, if you are interested in experiencing the solution first hand, we encourage you to visit one of our HPE-Microsoft Innovation Centers, located in Washington, Switzerland, and Singapore.

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Emmy Jordan is the Product Marketing Specialist for HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack. Emmy is responsible for marketing collateral with the Hybrid Cloud solution.

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