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Eclipse IDE Content Assist Not Appearing


Eclipse IDE Content Assist Not Appearing

Hi all,


I am developing SDN applications in Eclipse (vKepler). I've installed the SDK with no problems, and am able to see all the SDK items when programming. I've noticed, however, that there is no Javadoc information available for the SDK specific Jav objects when the Eclipse content assist drop-down appears. The methods for each object show up just fine, but their descriptions are not available. As a result, I have to manually go through the API documentation provided in the SDK in order to see method details.


Is the reason I get no content assist because the SDK libraries have not been Javadoc'd or because I've installed it incorrectly?


I've attached a screenshot of what I mean. You'll see on the left I get no method details for the "has" method, but do get details for the "equals" method.

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Re: Eclipse IDE Content Assist Not Appearing

Hi ssrirama,


I had the same issue and solved it by adding the JavaDoc sources manually to the project. 


1. Right click on the project

2. Build Path > Configure Build Path

3. Click on each M2_Repo Variable and provide the JavaDoc location


I hope this helps.


Best regards!


Re: Eclipse IDE Content Assist Not Appearing

I found the M2_Repo Variable to add, but it's non-modifiable. How do I supply the location of the JavaDoc?

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Re: Eclipse IDE Content Assist Not Appearing

Hello ssrirama,


To specify java doc location , please go to the properties of the selected project  and select java doc location in “JavaDoc Location” option there.Also as per the SDN Programming guide [page 211] you can add/edit M2_REPO classpath variable.


Please try to add the variable and let us know if you still face the issue.