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Patching Polyserve on Linux


Patching Polyserve on Linux

I'm posting this here instead of the Linux forum because I believe there would be more people familiar with polyserve on here.

When polyserve matrix server was set up in our location, it was installed with RHEL 4 Update 6, even though it's supposed to only be installed on Update 4. This has made us a little nervous about patching the cluster nodes. When I took a training class, the instructor said this shouldn't be a problem as long as we leave the kernel alone, but I'd like to hear what other people think, as well as what your policy is with patching your polyserve nodes. We use our cluster for sharing out NFS and Samba shares only.
Emil Velez
Honored Contributor

Re: Patching Polyserve on Linux

if the only function of those cluster nodes is polyserve then install that version of Rhel4 update 4 so you have a fully supported no question configuration.