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SSSU & CommandView 9

Mark Smithers
Regular Advisor

SSSU & CommandView 9

Has anybody got the sssu to work with HP-UX 11.23 on a BL860?

I have done a fresh install of the OS and tried to run the binary code from the CV 9 media kit and all I get is :-

# ./sssu_hpux_ia64
interpreter "lib/hpux32/" not found
exec(2): could not load a.out

I have checked and the file does in fact live in /usr/lib/hpux32

As far as I recall, previous versions of sssu was targeted to specfic versions of HP-UX, for example 11.11 or 11.23 but it seems tohave been removed for version 9

Mark Smithers
Regular Advisor

Re: SSSU & CommandView 9

As an update, I moved the binary code to /usr and found that the error message changed from the above one to a memoryfault (core dump)