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Backup Multiple Computers in Data Protector Express

Andrew Mullen
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Backup Multiple Computers in Data Protector Express


So, we recently had a RAID controller fail on the server that was directly connected to our Ultrium 448. Said computer is old, and will not be getting repaired.
Unfortunately, another employee was the one who setup our backup structure; and, failed to document it. Now, I'm trying to bring the device up on another machine.
He had it previously set up to backup the local drives on the server and a file server over the network. This is what I'm having difficulty re-creating. I installed DPX on the file server; and, I can see it in the devices area. However, it has a yellow circle with exclamation point icon; and, I cannot 'drill down' and see the hard drives, etc, that it has attached.

I'm not sure if this is a licensing issue or a configuration issue. On the file server diagnostics it says it's 'unregistered' and 'unlicensed'. I know the previous employee spent hours with HP support working out the cluster that was properly licensing this software. We have three licenses called: SSE, SSE Upgrade, and x3 License. I applied the SSE and x3 (no idea what that means) to the server attached to the autoloader. When I brought up the file server and pointed it at the management domain, it 'inherited' the same licenses. Whenever I try to apply the SSE Upgrade it errors out with a message about the previous license not applying to this one.

Furthermore, the diagnostics on the file server say that the 'run status' is running; however, it shows offline in the devices section.

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Re: Backup Multiple Computers in Data Protector Express

I don't have a Data Protector Express install handy now... but here's what I'm guessing.

1) Install the SSE on the main server.
2) Go through the registration process to activate it.
3) Probably then time to add the SSE upgrade and ensure licensing is in place.
4) Then add the x3 client licenses.

"SSE" is Single Server Edition. Unless that gets upgraded to the license that supports clients, you'll never be able to add the client licenses, which I believe are what you're calling the 'x3'.

Once you get it licensed, it's easy. ;)
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