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Colorado Backup 9.0

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Colorado Backup 9.0

I've tried to install Colorado Backup 9.0 on a P4-2.4 with 256 MB RAM and 40 GB HDD, W2KprofSP3.
I was not able to install, I've got the message "Not enough Memory...". Funny, isn't it?
Does anybody know, how to install this software?

Re: Colorado Backup 9.0

Hallo J!
you can??t install this SW anymore, you need the version CBII 9.1! But this SW is not under license anymore!

But you can use the next SW from Veritas! Called Bak up my PC "BUMP"
You find a 30 days trial under this link;jsessionid=PLABPEALJEMJKEAZQBQ-B?action=2&id=34

works like CBII and looks like CBII and you can use zou old backups, too

it`s in german
i will see if i find the english version in the web.

Or you can use the drive under the native backup from windows 2000, but then you he no compreeion anymore.

Carmen Juergens

Re: Colorado Backup 9.0

Hello J,
you find a upgrade to colorado backup now again on the support sites of HP, there you can download the CBII 9.0 and 9.1.
It doesen??t matter witch drive it is!
Lokk on website and look under the OS you have!

Greets Carmen
Carmen Juergens