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HP Autoloader 1/8 G2 upgrade

Steve O'Brien_1
Occasional Contributor

HP Autoloader 1/8 G2 upgrade


It seems the following has been asked before but I've not been able to find a definitive answer.

We have an autoloader 1/8 G2 LTO-3 model and are wondering if it's possible to replace the LTO-3 drive with a LTO-4 drive.

Technically it seems possible but what is HP's take on this and how does it affect the support status of the autoloader ?

Thanks in advance.



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Curtis Ballard
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Re: HP Autoloader 1/8 G2 upgrade

Sure it is possible to upgrade the 1/8 G2 autoloader but since it involves throwing out the old drive and isn't too much cheaper than a new autoloader it wasn't anticipated that anybody would do that so there isn't an upgrade kit listed for it.

Just buy any half high tape drive upgrade for the 2024/4048/8096 products (LTO-4 HH == 1760) and plug it in. The drives for the autoloader are identical to the HH drives for the libraries. The full height drives obviously won't fit in the autoloader.

It won't impact your autoloader support at all. The HP warranty on the autoloader is untouched and the drive upgrade will have a completely new warranty.
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Re: HP Autoloader 1/8 G2 upgrade

Curtis' answer is great. I do want to add that upgrading to LTO-4 will allow you to activate hardware encryption if that is important to you. HW encryption is 256-bit AES encryption handled by the tape drive ASIC so that it happens at wire speed (without slowing down the backup or affecting your server CPU or memory load).

You can enable HW encryption through most backup applications (very application-specific as to how, make sure you read the appropriate documentation), or, in the 1/8 autoloader and other MSL 2024/4048/8096-family libraries, through use of the MSL Encryption Kit (which is pretty slick technology, and will work transparently with any backup application, any type of data).
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Re: HP Autoloader 1/8 G2 upgrade



We also own an HP 1/8 G2 LTO-3 SCSI autoloader and we're also wondering if replacing the LTO-3 drive by a LTO-4 one wouldn't be a nice idea.

Buying the drive new from HP has a very high price tag, actually higher than the retail price of our StorageWorks 1/8 G2 Ultrium 920 Tape Autoloader at purchase time !

I've found refurbished AJ819A LTO-4 HH Loader SCSI drives at a more decent price, and I was just wondering if you've decided to go this way for your 1/8 G2 LTO-3 autoloader and, if so, would you accept to share your experience with such an upgrade.


Many thanks in advance.


J. Lejeune

Occasional Visitor

Re: HP Autoloader 1/8 G2 upgrade

Wondering if anyone went ahead and upgraded their 920 with an LTO-4 drive and if it worked.  I have an 920 with an LTO-3 drive that I want to upgrade to an LTO-5 drive if possible. 

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Re: HP Autoloader 1/8 G2 upgrade

The box supports up to LTO-6:

Hope this helps!

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Re: HP Autoloader 1/8 G2 upgrade

THanks for the quick reply.  I know the firmware supports an LTO-6 drive but do you think I can just replace the LTO-3 that's in there with another half height LTO-drive from HP?  Any idea what the part number may be or where I could get it?



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Re: HP Autoloader 1/8 G2 upgrade

Hi!! I just have a:


1/8 g2 lto-3 autoloader

SP S-CHASSIS 1/8 auto g2

spare part: 435243-001




HP MSL 2024/4048/8096 ULTR 920 SAS DRIVE LTO-3

Product Number: AH562A

Spare: 445891-001


Is there a way to change the LTO-3 drive for a LTO-6 drive??


I.e. take out the LTO-3 drive chassis and swap it with a EH969A (StoreEver LTO-6 Ultrium 6250 EH969A drive), this has a black plastic cover, take it of.. and that is it..


The chassis appears to be compatible, but i dont know if the drive controller from the LTO-3 is..


Any ideas?!?!




Valued Contributor

Re: HP Autoloader 1/8 G2 upgrade

The LTO-6 drive upgrade for a 1/8 G2 is part number: C0H27A


The EH969A drive is a standalone internal drive and won't work in a tape autoloader or changer.  That drive doesn't have the library management interface.

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Re: HP Autoloader 1/8 G2 upgrade

I think it is most like this:


Inside the AH562A is a EH847A


Inside the C0H27A is a EH969A



Now the  real question is that if the AH562A will handle a EH969A unit..




Valued Contributor

Re: HP Autoloader 1/8 G2 upgrade


>>  Inside the AH562A is a EH847A


>> Inside the C0H27A is a EH969A


Not really - the drive inside of the C0H27A looks a lot like a EH969A but it is a different drive module which has a library/drive interface software module.  The external hardware looks identical but the EH969A doesn't work in a library.


All of the MSL 2024/4048/8096 libraries, the 1/8 G2, and the new MSL 6480 libraries use the same drive assemblies and the same drive modules so a drive from any of those will work but only drives from one of those will work.  Any other drive either won't have the library interface module or may have a library interface module that is for a different library.