IPC Error

Gerhard Vonend
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IPC Error

we have a problem with HP DataProtector5.5:

When the backupjob is running the job is killed by a timeout. This happens with different clients(WinXP and linux), but not always. Cell and Clients are actually patched(CorePacket Cell-Server (DPWIN_00273 16.8.2007), Cell Server Packet(DPWIN_00333 22.8.2007), CellConsole Packet(DPWIN_00258 9.10.2007), DiskAgent Packet (DPWIN_00345 7.12.2007), MediaAgent Packet (DPWIN_00289 3.8.2007)

From: BSM@wbbi027.biozentrum.uni-wuerzburg.de "wbz3094_conf" Time: 10.01.2008 11:46:25
Lost connection to VBDA named "wbz3094.zoologie3.biozentrum.uni " on host wbz3094.zoologie3.biozentrum.uni-wuerzburg.de.
Ipc subsystem reports: "IPC Read Error System error: Verbindung von Peer zurückgesetzt

The mechanism used in Data Protector for the communication is TCP. The error describes, that there
are some problems with the network/networking system software or with the remote host.
* Check your network operation and the remote host operation. Also check that the
agent on the client did not die ungracefully due to a lack of system resources.
* If the problem persists, reproduce it with the debug option and contact support.

Could someone help ?

Re: IPC Error

Hello ;o)

There may be several solutions.

1. DNS must be running fine
2. The NIC's must be configured correctly
(Duplex auto or full? Switch Port configured correctly?)
3. Do you use Fibre channel NIC's?
4. Are there running some old Processes on the Cell Server or Client? Kill all Processes and restart the services.
5. Did you disable the Windows Media Change
(Wechselmedien) service? You should do so running a library. Only the Cell Server should be able to run the robotic by Data Protector.
6. Running a library are the scsi addresses correct for the drives or did they change after a reboot?
7. Did you disable the drives (fibre channel)in the windows device manager for the client? You should do so.
8. Is the DP service running on the clients configured as domain\administrator account?
You should do this.

I've got this error by using a fibre NIC Sysconnect running at fill duplex.
After using another fibre NIC running auto duplex(other model) all works fine.

Check first Network connection and DNS.

Greets Martin