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Application managed snapshot with VMware question


Application managed snapshot with VMware question



I have tried the "application managed snapshot" but I've got a strange situation which impacts my production environment.

When I use the application managed snapshot with VMware and I take an "application managed snapshot" snapshot of a Lefthand volume with the CMC, what is the identifier used by the Vcenter to take/trigger the associated snapshot?


I have this question because I have tried to use it on a Lefthand Test_Volume which stores some test VMs (with identical names like production Vms) and the Vcenter take snapshot of my test VMs AND production VMs (only the VMs with the same names).


I thought that the identifier used was the VM id but now I think that the only "check" is the VM name?


This is my environment :

- VMware Vsphere 5.1 : 1 Vcenter which manages 2 Datacenters (1 for production and 1 for test)

- Lefthand : 1 MG (v 9.5) for production (composed of 2 clusters with many volumes in RAIN10) and 1 MG (v 10.5) with 2 VSA for test (composed of one cluster and one volume in RAIN0)

- Application managed snapshot version on the Vcenter



Have you got some explanations/experience?

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Re: Application managed snapshot with VMware question

A little confused by your question.

It backs up the volume name

If you use CLI and use the commands to manually backup you can probably get a little more info.


Re: Application managed snapshot with VMware question



In fact, when I take a snapshot (with application snapshot managed checked box) on a Lefthand volume which stores my test VMs  the VCenter takes snasphot of my test VMs (great) AND my production VMs which are stored on a differents volumes (into a different MG).
For moment I can't test with the CLI because it's impact a lot my production environment.