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Network Desing help needed VSA under VMware

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Network Desing help needed VSA under VMware


i need some help in designing Network vor a VSA on VMWWare.
Ich have 2 DL380G6 with 8 Network Ports (2 Quadport Cards)
I will install them with ESX 5.5 and a VSA 11.5 on it
i have 2 Switches HP 2510-24G without Stacking Modul 

so i found a guide here

i have an eye on the 6 Network ports config at page 11


in my Szenario i will make 2 vm network switches for dividing traffic
One for MyVMs and Management NEtwork with 2 Physicals Ports
One for MyVSA with 2 Physical Network Ports 


i will use 3vlans
1 iscsi traffic, MyVSA
2 vmotion
3 mgtm, vm network for MyVMs

but i still miss some Informations or have some Questions open
how to set up the vswitches loadbalacing ID or IP
can i have 2 virtuals adapters in my VSA like iscsi ports in the guide and can i then bond them and how ALB / active passive or LACP (i think not lacp)
should i cable 1 esx to 1 switch or is there a way to have 1 esx on both switches, can i use Trunks to the esx. then i have to set up the vswitch to IP hash loadbalacing. is it working

i have seen a guide (dont find the link anymore) where the VSA was on the same vswitch and portgroup like iscsi portgroup (vmk) was.
Is this better for performance?