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Question about performance with ESX

Julius Verne
Occasional Contributor

Question about performance with ESX

We have a P4300G2 SAN. We have plenty of bandwidth on the SAN. I have a general question about SAN/Virtual machine performance.

Suppose I have an Exchange server running as a VM on ESXi server. Is it best practice to setup the VM and Exchange data store as VMware virtual disks, or is it better to setup the VM and then within Windows setup an iSCSI initiator and then connect to a Volume on the SAN provisioned as the Exchange data partition.

The environment is about 25 users.

Thank you for any advise on this.

Re: Question about performance with ESX


infact you can use the RDM disk for VM which is better in performance when you compare with virtual disk and configuring MS iSCSI initiator might be slower in comparison with virtual disk and RDM

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