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Snapshot multiple volumes at the same time?

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Snapshot multiple volumes at the same time?

Common question worth putting on the forum...

You can snapshot multiple volumes at the same time in SAN/iQ...
Two ways.
1-From the CMC you can choose the "application managed snapshot" option if the server using the volumes is running VSS. This option will automatically find a set of volumes as defined by VSS and snapshot them as a set.
2-Less known is that the CLI can also take many snapshots at the same time. Like many CLI commands you can just semicolon seperate a list with many volumes and snapshot names in a single command. As a single CLI command the snapshots are all exacuted at exactly the same time. For example...
CLIQ>createsnapshot volumename=Vol1;Vol2;Vol3;Vol4;Vol5 snapshotname=Snap1;Snap2
;Snap3;Snap4;Snap5 login=X.X.X.X username=whatever password=whatever

I think?!? the CLI has been able to do this since 8.0... The User interface must be the new one release on Oct1 2009, version or newer.

Also worth noting that the UI version is actually quiescing the apps while the CLI version would quiesce the apps if VSS was on the server and you specified the "managed=1" option on the example command line I gave above.
Adam C, LeftHand Product Manger
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Re: Snapshot multiple volumes at the same time?

I know there is a library of sample scripts, but are there any other Lefthand CLI "script building" tools/utilities?

One of the shortcomings has been the scheduling interface. (no easy way to have a different schedule for weekdays and weekends etc etc)...

Or is the schedule interface getting some updates in 8.5?